Corroventa Adsorption Dehumidifier A4 ES X

Adsorption dehumidifier A4 ES X is the largest model in the ES range. It has digital controls and is equipped with an additional heater. It has a dry air volume of up to 350 m3/h and a drying capacity of 27 l/day at 60% RH and 20°C. A4 ES X is equipped with an additional heater for use in unheated environments and in areas where moisture has penetrated the material.


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As a member of the ES family, the A4 ES X has a lot of integrated operating and control modes, which allows the drying effect to be optimised for the relevant drying assignment, at the same time as the machine retains a lower energy consumption than traditional adsorption dehumidifiers. The machine is robust, stackable, compact and ergonomically designed, which facilitates the work for the moisture control technician and makes it easy to move between dehumidifying assignments. It is extremely quiet, which is a great advantage when used in residential environments for example.
Adsorption dehumidifier A4 ES X works with all other ES machines and is prepared so that it can be monitored remotely with SuperVision®.

  • Capacity 20°C, 60% RH – Up to 27 l/day
  • ΔX – Up to 5 g/kg
  • Dry air volume – Up to 350 m3/h
  • Dry air distribution – 2 x Ø50 + 2 x Ø100 mm
  • Humid air – 1 x Ø80 mm
  • Noise level (3m) – 44-54 dB(A)*
  • Connection – 230V / 50 Hz
  • Max power consumption – 1500 W
  • Real consumption 20°C / 60% RH – 1 500 W*
  • Power consumption w. additional heater – 2500 W
  • Weight – 18 kg
  • Size (L x W x H) – 475 x 295 x 430 mm
  • Article number – 1002186

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