Master BC60 Bio Cooler (240V)

Master Bio Coolers cool the air using a simple natural process: the evaporating water decreases the temperature of the air.

A pump takes the water from a tank and wets a wide filter of natural cellulose. A powerful ventilator aspires air through the filter. The water evaporates from the filter and decreases the temperature of the air of several degrees. The fresh and clean air flows into the ambient, and cools it.


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  • Ideal for cooling open areas: offices, restaurants, workshops
  • Easy to move on wheels
  • Flaps swing automatically
  • No installation required
  • Eco friendly: no compressor,
  • No gas, very low consumption
  • It renovates and cleans the air from fumes, dust and odours
  • Remote control
  • Ionizer
  • It can perfume the air
  • It sends mosquitoes away

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