Corroventa T2 ES Turbine Dehumidifier Unit

Turbine T2 ES is a ground breaking turbine system that combines user friendliness, flexibility and energy efficiency in a unique way. Its low weight and noise level make it both easy to use and transport while giving quiet operation.


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Turbine T2 ES has integrated speed control modes so that the power can be adapted to the size and requirements of the drying task and it is also prepared for remote control and remote monitoring. In this way, it only uses as much energy as is necessary and it also gives you total control over the drying process without any reduction in the drying effect. Good for the environment, drying results and overall economy. ES stands for EnergiSpar (Energy Save) and is the world’s first intelligent, portable drying system for professional dehumidification.

To optimise the drying process, all machines in the ES family can cooperate with each other through a smart control system and network and via internal and external sensors. You can use it alone or connect several turbines and/or dehumidifiers together, which means that no job is too big nor too small for the ES family. Add in the compact design, needs adapted and optimised drying process, minimised energy consumption and you have a system that is unique to the market.

Despite its compact appearance the T2 ES Turbine is a very high performance machine. The most powerful on the market at 230V / 10A and can supply an air volume of up to 180 m3/hour and a pressure of up 260 mbar.

  • Compact and light
  • High capacity level
  • Extremely quiet
  • Controllable output
  • Built for professionals.
  • Power Supply 230 V
  • Amp Draw 10 Amps
  • Max Air 180 m3/hour
  • Volume
  • Max 260 mbar Pressure

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