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Edge is a dedicated and specialist equipment hirer catering for the needs of the professional damage restorer.

We take our responsibilities very seriously and we realise that when you call upon us, somebody somewhere has experienced some form of loss, property damage or traumatic event.

We will react swiftly and diligently to mobilise equipment straight to your project to support you in the first stages of mitigation and more importantly, to ensure you keep your promises to your clients.

Any business is all about it's people. Here at Edge we pride ourselves in the fact that all our people are experienced either working within the damage management sector or through supporting flood and fire restoration companies. This ensures we have an 'empathetic angle' on the challenges you face day to day and this enables us to support you with the kind of service your industry demands.

With vast stocks of modern equipment, extensive experience and product knowledge, same day delivery service and our unique 'partnering' arrangement with Corroventa - the leading manufacturer in drying technology in the UK & Europe, Edge has the capability and power to deliver.

Please call us at any time - we are always delighted to help.

Edge - The Advantage Is Yours.

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The Edge Team

Edge Equipment Hire