K2 is a robust condensing dryer especially developed to meet the demands of the professional user. It has a low noise level both during operation and during transport. K2 has a high capacity and very low energy consumption thanks to being optimised for normal operating conditions at 20° C and 60% RH….

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With its robust design and user-friendly operation, the WS4 ES is a `must have´. • A three step filter system for suction drying compatible with all Corroventa Combis and Turbines. • Robust and sturdy yet compact and light – only 20 kg – easy to carry and install. • Easy to service and to clean. The…

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LARGE IN PERFORMANCE BUT SMALL IN SIZE. K3 is the most compact, efficient condensing dryer on the market in relation to its size, up to 30 litres /day. Developed and produced in Sweden with high quality components and materials. Different modes of operation make it very adaptable and can be used in many…

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The Drymatic is an intelligent hear drying and air exchange system designed to dry a room as quickly as possible. By constantly optimising and exchanging moist aair with warm dry air in a controlled manner, Drymatic greatly speeds up the drying process whilst making it more efficient. The addition of…

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Boost Box

The Boost Box adds 2.0kW of thermal energy to the drying environment and comes with kW hour counter & Hour running meters. Has built in relay to control air mover and wired sensors to measure in depth specific humidity. The Boost Box used in conjunction with the Floor & Wall mats to…

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The HygroNet utilises both Wireless sensors and mobile Phone technology to record key Drying data from flood damaged Properties. The recorded data is Automatically uploaded to a web bureau over the mobile phone network, there is no need to link to any LAN or phone line making the install quick and easy….

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