Air Movers / Fans

Velo Airmover

This high performance, multi positional & versatile air mover offers high velocity air movement at extremely low running costs. This multi positional air mover can assist in drying a variety of materials including walls, floors, carpets & ceiling’s. Easy to carry and its stack ability allows you to get more units in your vehicle. TECHNICAL DATA Supply Voltage 230V Speeds Single Operating 5 Max Rated…

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Ace Airmover

The Ace Air Mover offers 6 operating positions to deliver fast airflow exactly where it’s required at low running costs. This direct Airmover will deliver high volume air movement onto walls, floors & ceilings and is a great tool to assist in the drying of water damaged buildings alongside dehumidifiers. TECHNICAL DATA Supply Voltage 230V Speeds 2 Operating Positions 6 Max Rated Airflow 3398 m3/hour Max…

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Snail Fan Snout Kit

Easily dry inside confined spaces Force air three ways by attaching the TurboVent system onto Sahara TurboDryer, Sahara Pro TurboDryer and Sahara E Turbodryer to easily difficult-to-dry areas like cupboards, cabinets and walls, etc. Dry fast and effectively with the TurboVent system. TECHNICAL DATA Complete system includes: One 3-way snout adaptor One 15.2M of 10cm vinyl ducting Three…

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Dad Blanket

DAD is a patented system that dramatically improves drying rates compared with conventional methods. To see the Floor Drying system and the latest Wall Drying units in action click the buttons on the right. Half the Drying Time……. Because the mat concentrates the air where it is needed the drying effect is doubled. The drying time for a…

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Dad Blanket with Boost Box

DAD is a system that significantly improves the efficiency of existing Air Moving equipment to give much faster drying times and freeing up much needed equipment for the next job. The DAD drying mats come in various sizes and can be used in conjunction with the Drymatic Dryer, Boost Box, Air Movers or with dehumidifiers. …

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